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Remote Keyless Deadbolt Lever Lock

$US 339.00

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  • Model: ER-55

The Victor keyless remote control lock is the world's first electronic interconnected lock.

Passage function: The bottom lever latch will only latch the door closed and not lock it, once it is open. The top dead bolt and bottom spring latch will be locked from either side by pulling up on the lever handle all the way up.
Storeroom function: Door closes and automatically locks from the outside by bottom latch. Free to unlock from the inside by turning lever. Enter code and lock unlocks the latch. In addition, to lock the upper deadbolt from the outside, enter correct code and pull up on lever. Now both bottom latch and upper deadbolt are locked. Enter correct code and push outside lever down and both latch and deadbolt unlock together. Unlocking from the inside is always the same by pushing down on the inside lever. If both latch and bolt are locked then just pressing down on the inside lever will unlock both together. A great feature. Another great feature is how easy it is to lock the deadbolt - Just lift the lever handle from either side.
  • 2 remote controls, up to 20 users total.
  • Easy to program
  • Incorrect Code Warning Alarm - if incorrect code is entered three times
  • Alarm is activated and flashing red light indicates entry has been attempted with an incorrect code
  • Long lasting battery life; 30,000 entries or one to two years of stand-by life
  • Easy to operate; just lift the lever handle to lock and press down to unlock
  • Codes can be set/deleted in less than 15 seconds
  • Easy to rehand - no need to order left or right
  • Can be either passage function or storeroom function. Easy to change.

Standard System Features

  • The most affordable keyless entry system
  • Spring latch and one inch deadbolt
  • Includes a loud audible alarm
  • Egress exit function
  • Lifting the lever from either side throws the one inch deadbolt
  • Uses four standard AA batteries, with low-voltage warning indicator no hot wire needed
  • Emergency key override in case of electronic failure; alarm will sound if used under normal operating conditions - this is not a key override system
  • Meets disabled persons requirements (ADA)


  • Interconnected dead bolt and lever lock.
  • 2 remote controls, up to 20 users total.
  • Stand alone 4 AA batteries.
  • Low battery light indicator
  • Passage/Storeroom function of your choice
  • To lock door - Just lift up lever handle to lock door
    How to unlock door Enter correct code and then press down lever handle to
    unlock door.
  • Two cam lock keys included for emerency use

The KP-55 is newly developed with many more features and is certified with a 20 minute fire rating for wooden doors.

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